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much time passed

2014-04-28 12:49:23 by littlegonkyboy

and i'm still here,well.... less than before but still here lurking and posting occasionally.

well, many things happened since my last post, so i'm going to list some things that i completed and some not... just like the previous post:

finish 1st year of university [] (we are almost finished, but 2 months until then... also exams... lot of them :-(   )

finish Homestuck [] (Gigapause still continuing.... Gigapaws :33  no seriously this is getting long... BWAAAAHHH!)

finding new music [X] (yes, i found some music during the time, especially a lot of metal and progressive rock... i'm going to post something here)

Acne Removal [/] (Almost vanished.... there are still some zits but compared to before... a lot of improvement)

learn Photoshop [X] (yes... i learned it and i passed the exam)

learn After Effects [] (we are going to do it the 2nd year... hope to pass the first one)

learn to draw[/] (well, so and so, i learnt to use Maya to make stuff, and IMHO it's better than hand drawing)



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