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Mah boi

2017-01-13 09:37:05 by littlegonkyboy

i want go to back to the 90's times

Eric and Dylan shoot up Columbine

and parents blame DOOM, shouting around

"games are bad, they make you mad!"



A teaching for women

2016-12-19 11:50:59 by littlegonkyboy

Teach a woman to cry for mercy during a beating and she will be spared for more time, teach a woman to defend herself and she will not need to cry for mercy.


2016-01-27 14:10:54 by littlegonkyboy

i should really post more art, maybe some 3D graphics old works, but since they are pretty bad, maybe not.
also, i have the art NG portfolio littered with Homestuck stuff... and i stopped reading that shit a long time ago.

much time passed

2014-04-28 12:49:23 by littlegonkyboy

and i'm still here,well.... less than before but still here lurking and posting occasionally.

well, many things happened since my last post, so i'm going to list some things that i completed and some not... just like the previous post:

finish 1st year of university [] (we are almost finished, but 2 months until then... also exams... lot of them :-(   )

finish Homestuck [] (Gigapause still continuing.... Gigapaws :33  no seriously this is getting long... BWAAAAHHH!)

finding new music [X] (yes, i found some music during the time, especially a lot of metal and progressive rock... i'm going to post something here)

Acne Removal [/] (Almost vanished.... there are still some zits but compared to before... a lot of improvement)

learn Photoshop [X] (yes... i learned it and i passed the exam)

learn After Effects [] (we are going to do it the 2nd year... hope to pass the first one)

learn to draw[/] (well, so and so, i learnt to use Maya to make stuff, and IMHO it's better than hand drawing)


one week passed

2013-10-13 14:56:26 by littlegonkyboy

from the begin of the university.. and even if i passed just one week it's a pretty interesting university.
also here's a list of stuff that i need to do and that i hadn't done yet:
[X] begin university
[] try to remove all acne from my face (not yet, but almost... for now)
[] finish to read Homestuck (i stopped now because i want to finish so i can restart from the begin)
[] trying to create a big videogame project (not for now but if i finish uni i will do it, that's what i'm going to learn in later years)
[] going to a Comic-Game-cons and stuff like that (i've never went to one of these events but... maybe it's interesting)
[X] being more social with people (compared to 2-3 years ago.. yes)
[X] finding new music to listen (i do it every day, also if you post here can you suggest me some music?)
[] learn Photoshop and After Effects (we are going to use them in uni so i have to learn, even by trying by myself, there isn't always school to help you)
[] learn to draw (i really suck, or maybe it's that i don't try)

well, that's all for now.
also, here's some music... like always:


2013-05-25 15:09:32 by littlegonkyboy

posting on BBS and stuff, studying for exams, trying to find games that i like, listening to music
that's what i like to do

stupid pirated Contra game with shitty music... it's a blasphemy to all Contra series.. and i strangely like it

also.. this is beatiful!!
i think that hiatus is driving me mad

my modem got fried

2013-05-03 10:05:54 by littlegonkyboy

by a thunder.. strangely i can still connect from the notebook, but not from the workstation... i think that is the Ethernet card that got damaged, but not the wireless.. i just don't know.

3 weeks passed

2013-04-20 13:44:16 by littlegonkyboy

and i've managed to arrive at chapter 6 act 2 of Homestuck.... and i still can understand most of the story... it isn't so complicated like some people say.
13 days passed and i've finished reading it, but now we have to wait months for the ending.....
asdsiushdhsahfuiasfiuehreiuhrewiurhewiufhueifhiu heiufhehfeiu I CAN'T WAIT1ifjioejiofjieioffkfjei!!!!1111!!!!

well i began today, and... it's pretty interesting :-)
i hope to continue to read it also if it gets more complex.. and complex....complex. (chapter 5 and up.. i think)
also... music

i don't know why...

2013-03-22 16:02:43 by littlegonkyboy

but some kind of poetical spirit took me these days....
here's something that i tought while i was on the school bus

sun, bright my eyes with your benefical rays
water, refresh my throat and my body
fire,heat my body and illuminate my road in the darkness
winter wind, go trought my hair and temper my spirit with your cold
darkness, take me with you in a lovely embrace when my body will be tired

what do you think about it?
oh.. here's some music

EDIT= Provoke.. please return, i miss you :-(